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Shop Chewy through our website and we will receive $20!

Drawn Free

Drawn Free is a collection of water color sketches of rescue dogs and their stories from around the world. It is available in physical OR Ebook versions! 

Use promo code ROCKNYC to get 10% off. In addition, 50% of every book sold in the US goes to RDRNYC.

Be part of the solution at Drawn Free!

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LolaHemp is an Official Partner of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. This program helps distribute free product to animals suffering from life-threatening diseases, muscular and joint conditions, stress, aggression, anxiety, seizures, depression and loss of appetite.
Use PromoCode RDRNYC to receive 15% off your order. In addition, RDRNYC will receive a portion of the proceeds from your order AND for every 4 bottles sold Lola Hemp donates a bottle to RDRNYC
Travel with spot on pet

Take a ride, Save a Life!

SpotOn is a ride-sharing company that transports people and their pets to where they need to go and they are giving back!

Every time you take a ride with SpotOn just use discount code RDRRIDE and not only will you get 15% off your ride, you will provide a FREE safe ride to one of our adoptable dogs!
Right now this amazing company is only available in the the 5 boroughs, but they are expanding.

Go give them a look. Download the app, visit them on the web or give them a call to book your rides today! Never leave your pet at home again!


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Walk For a Dog

Don’t just take your dog for a walk… Take your Walk for a Dog! 🐕🚶‍
We are participating in Walk for a Dog
Go to, download the app, and support Rescue Dogs Rock NYC every time you walk your dog!
Here is how to participate!

1. Download the free app at for iPhone and Android phone)

2. Choose to walk for our organization

3. Add a dog as your walking companion

4. Tap “Start Walking” and take a walk!
5. Get your friends to sign up too!

*Don’t have a dog? Walk with Cassie (Wooftrax’s virtual dog), walk with a dog from your shelter or rescue, or walk in memory of a dog you loved!

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