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Pit Bull Puppy Is THRILLED To Run For The First Time

This pit bull puppy was abandoned because he couldn’t walk, but his mom saw a video of him and immediately rushed to rescue him. Today on Pittie Nation, watch this determined little boy work so hard to get strong — and prove that NOTHING slows a pit bull down!

Watch the video of Cantu’s amazing story!

Shelter Dog Adopts Her Best Friend’s Puppies After She Passes Away

She has eight of her own puppies too.

Lily Rose had heartworms and mange – she was also very pregnant. Rescue Dogs Rock knew they had to act fast and get her out of the shelter. Lily was taken to a vet partner in Maryland, and went into labor, but something was wrong…

Read Lily’s story here

Dog Finally Smiles When He Learns He’s Going Home

“Jake finally knows he’s safe and on to a better life.”

The day his owner walked away, Jake stopped smiling. Click here to read this heart felt story about a Collie named Jake.

Dog Used As Bait Lived On Old Armchair For Days Before Being Rescued

“He was very scared, and he didn’t really trust people.”


“Dogs with teeth filed down or extracted could be an indication that the animal is used as bait to minimize injuries to fighting dogs during training,” a spokesperson for the ASPCA said in a statement.

Read Dukes story and his incredible journey to recovery here.

Woman Hears Crying And Finds Dog Abandoned Outside Empty House

He waited six years for this moment ❤

Someone was crying. Diana Chapa followed the sound until she was standing in front of an old wooden fence at the back of a home in Houston, Texas. When she peered through a gap, she saw something that crushed her heart.

skinny dog with a hunched back was bent over a cement patio. He had no food and no shelter — and the house behind him was empty. Read the entire heart warming story here.