Adoption Frequently Asked Questions


Adoption requires an application with reference checks and home visit.

We place dogs in homes Northern Virginia all the way up to Maine.  For the most part, our dogs are strictly indoor companions.  Adoptions are made on a first come first serve basis. If two excellent applications come in for the same dog, our policy is the home with the best home visit and other criteria will be the first to get their new family member.  Our goal is to have the very best home for our dogs. We carefully screen our dogs for temperament to ensure we are placing the right dog in the right home.


What are the adoption fee costs?

Our adoption fees are run by the age of the dog.


  • The adoption fee for any puppy up to 5 months will be $400.00 per puppy.  No exceptions will be made.
  • 6 months to 5 years will be $350.00
  • 6 years and above will be $200.00
  • There is a transport fee of $50.00 if you need your dog transported

Our adoption fee includes the pull fee charges to the Rescue by shelters and animal control facilities, spay/neuter costs, all shots they are due for their age, fecal and heart worm treatment as needed.

On average we spend more than that per dog and we make up the difference through fundraising and donations.


Can I meet my puppy before making a commitment?

If you live close to the dog’s foster home you are welcome to have a “meet and greet” to make sure it is the right dog for your family.  This can be a good opportunity to have the dog meet any other dogs in your household.  However in some cases, our dogs are being fostered out of state; in those cases we will send you a picture and we will put you in contact with the foster family so you can ask questions about the dog’s temperament.


Will my dog be healthy when I adopt him/her?

All of our dogs are vaccinated, altered, and dewormed before placement.  You will be informed of any health problems that we are aware of; dogs coming from shelter occasionally have kennel cough or skin issues, which are minor and treatable.  We recommend getting a full veterinary exam within the first week of adoption.


What if I decide it doesn’t work out?  Can I get a refund on my adoption fee?

Adoption fees are non-refundable, but we will ALWAYS accept one of our dogs back into the rescue.  We are committed to our dogs for life.  In fact, our adoption contract states that if you need to rehome the dog, he/she must be returned to Rescue Dogs Rock, Inc.


Do you do long-distance adoptions?

Yes, but just the area’s that we have stated. We need to be assured that we can get a dog back to one of our foster homes if the adoption doesn’t work out, and we need to arrange a home visit.


If I see a dog on a NYC shelter photolisting, can I adopt or foster through Rescue Dogs Rock, Inc.?

Many people want to save a dog who is in danger in a shelter, and we often place dogs directly from the shelters.  However, we will NOT take a dog from a shelter for a home that has not been screened as an adoptive home.  It takes several days to review applications, check references, and do a home visit, so if you want to adopt a Death Row dog, please get PRE-APPROVED.  Unfortunately, too many people do not follow through on commitments, and our rescue foster homes are almost always full.


I can’t foster or adopt right now, what else can I do to help homeless dogs?

Please see our page on “How To Help.”  RDR needs all kinds of help ranging from transporting dogs, to donating time or money, to networking to help us place dogs.  Even if your house is full, you can help!


I want to adopt a dog, but don’t adult shelter dogs have behavior problems?  Isn’t it better to get a young puppy?

For many people, an adult shelter dog is the perfect companion!  Raising a puppy requires a lot of time and effort, and adopting a puppy without socializing it properly is a perfect recipe for creating behavior problems.  Dogs in most shelters are temperament tested, and Rescue Dogs Rock does not place aggressive dogs in homes.  There are many dogs in shelters who have loving personalities and they adjust very well to adoptive families.


How does pledging work?

Pledging is a promise to pay for a particular animal in need.  You can pledge any amount you like – every bit helps.  Rescues depend on donations to help animals in their care with medical/behavioral issues so your dollars support their ability to help shelter animals every day.  Some of these animals end up with massive medical/training bills.


Why should you pledge?

A rescue may take notice to a particular animal with special needs, if there is rallied support around it.  Due to the amount of sick animals coming from the shelters it is difficult to prioritize at times who they can help and who they cannot with massive veterinary bills.  You should pledge because your dollar DOES COUNT to that animal!!!


How do you pledge?

To pledge you simply click on the animal’s thread and go to their ORIGINAL THREAD.  You make a comment with your amount pledged – such as “$5” – and take note of the animal’s location, A#, At Risk list date, and what you pledged.


When do you pay your pledges?

DO NOT EXPECT A PM FROM THE RESCUE. Rescues are busy rescuing dogs. If you are passionate enough about a particular dog to actually pledge for them, you should follow the thread. If the rescue link is posted, you should honor your pledge at that time. Too often, rescues are forced to PM people multiple times in order to collect their pledge. If an individual repeatedly fails to honor their pledges, they will be banned.

DO NOT MAKE STIPULATIONS ON YOUR PLEDGE. It is becoming far too common for individuals to stipulate that they will pledge and then put conditions on that pledge. A couple of examples are: only IF the dog goes to a reputable rescue or only IF a freedom picture is posted. The shelters have already done the investigative legwork and if they deem them reputable, we should all consider them to be. As for freedom pictures, they are a bonus and not a requirement. None of this should prevent a pledge from being honored.


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